Our Solutions

  • Dedicated Connection – Wireless and Internet Protocol connectivity from ClearView gives you protection even if the phone line is cut, the Internet goes down or the security panel is damaged. Plus, ClearView’s technology will operate for 24 hours on back-up battery power, keeping you secure during a power outage.
    Crash & Smash Protection – Enhanced security is provided by Crash & Smash Protection, which is a technology that protects you from an intruder destroying the security panel by sending an alert at the first sign of entry. If the panel is destroyed and is no longer communicating, it does not get the appropriate response signal and will send a notification from its monitoring center to emergency personnel.
    Monitored Safety – The Monitoring Center offers security 24/7 by a highly trained operator.
    Two-Way Voice – During an emergency, support from and communication with the right person is key. That’s why ClearView integrates emergency two-way voice technology into the security panel. This technology allows you to speak directly with an emergency operator during an emergency.
    Remote Control – A powerful interactive security platform gives you unprecedented control over your property. Easy-to-use apps and web interfaces allow you to arm your system, monitor sensor activity, watch live video, and control lights and thermostats from a Smartphone or web enabled mobile device.
    Real-Time Alerts – Have your home or business tell you what’s going on the moment it happens. The security system can send you a text or email message automatically when there’s activity of interest.
    Mobile Apps – Easy-to-use mobile apps enhance your security system experience. With our apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, it’s simple to be in control, get alerts, manage your energy and watch video in the palm of your hand.
  • Thermostat Control – ClearView’s thermostat controls give you greater awareness and control of your property’s energy use by providing access to your property’s temperature setting through mobile devices. The system can change settings whether the system is armed or disarmed.
  • Smart Schedules – One of the key benefits of using ClearView’s Smart Schedules is its integration with your security system to automatically adjust your lights and thermostats based on a pre-defined schedule. Additionally, you can schedule your lights to turn on or off based on alarm, arming, or sensor activity triggers.
  • Activity Patterns – As an enhancement to smart schedule, activity patterns enable users to optimize their thermostat settings based on their home’s actual activity patterns. Activity Patterns can help you achieve greater energy efficiency, convenience and control of your energy usage.
  • Light Management – Our service helps you customize a variety of light automation options for enhanced security, convenience and cost savings. You can set lights to turn on or off based on designated triggers, such as specific times, arming and disarming the system or whenever a specific door is opened or closed.
  • Extreme Temperature – ClearView recognizes external temperature conditions in the local area to reduce energy waste. On extremely hot or cold days, extreme temperature alarms automatically adjust the Thermostat a few degrees higher or lower to save money and avoid damage.
  • Garage Doors and Locks – ClearView enhances your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. ClearView seamlessly integrates door locks and garage door control to our intelligent platform, giving you the same real-time visibility, control and customized automation options that you have for your security system.
  • Water Management – ClearView monitors the operation of a sump pump from your smart phone, and gives an alert if water sensors detect leaks or flooding. Water shut-off valves enable you to turn water on and off as needed.
  • Real-Time Energy Monitoring – Armed with your downloaded energy usage past history, ClearView’s Energy Management tools help you to monitor and visualize your electricity usage. The collected historical utilities-usage data combines with real-time data to give you a full and accurate view of your consumption. Making informed energy decisions has never been easier!
  • Activity Patterns – Monitor activity patterns of individuals in their Residence allowing the family member to understand normal daily activity and receive alerts when things are out of ordinary.
  • Awareness – Increase awareness providing basic information about basic movements and status of the premise.
  • PERS – Pair system with Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants for full time protection and peace of mind.
  • Secure – Coupled with home security providing emergency response for intrusion, fire and medical emergencies.

Live Streaming – Provides you real-time video of your property through the web portal and mobile application.

  • Recorded video clips – Give you access to recorded video clips on the web portal or mobile device. Video clips can be viewed any time and can be downloaded, saved and shared.
  • Video Alerts – Use state-of-the-art cameras to trigger recording, and automatically capture a video clip and send it directly to your mobile phone or personal computer based on preset preferences.
  • Cloud Storage – Recorded video clips are stored in a secured off-site location.
  • Video Package – Live streaming, recorded video clips and video alerts are also available within the Visibility Package of the ClearView service. The Visibility Package includes advanced video and can be optionally enhanced with additional cameras and storage.
  • Streaming Video Recording – ClearView offers the ability to capture 24/7 high definition recording through the Streaming Video Recorder (SVR). It enhances the video monitoring service with the addition of a high performance, continuous video recording solution. The new solution captures a 24×7 stream of what’s happening at a property and provides cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere.
  • Image Sensor – This affordable option is available without a video option and combines motion sensor, image capture and interactive services all within one, easy to install device. Sensitive motion detection utilizes a smart PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to monitor all activity. Advanced image capture includes a color camera with built-in night vision.
  • Accessability – Check status remotely to know if it is armed and who accessed the system.
  • Accountability – Receive No-show alerts if the business isn’t open on time.
  • Remote Control – Provides the Customer with the Automation service component providing remote access control of specific lights and temperature, energy management, warehouse doors, water valves and locks.
  • Reporting – Monitor daily or weekly opening/closing activity trends and other business intelligence reporting including unusual activity with instant alerts.
  • Simplicity – Management of multiple sites and multiple users
  • Control – Automatic arming schedules ensure daily operation of the system
  • Peace of Mind – Business class cloud based video options can be added to this solution

ClearView Security and Home Automation provides superior security and offers the most advanced mobile and web features on the market.  Our system is built on the original cloud-based home automation software and includes the most innovative thermostat using smart schedules.  Unlike traditional security systems, ClearView’s completely integrated suite of services offers a flexible, easy-to-use solution that learns and adapts to fit your needs. By setting your own customized triggers, you can be alerted to virtually any activity or event that is important to you – even when your system is disarmed. Expect more from your security system and get advanced safety, convenience and control.